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CEO and Co-Founder

Rashmi is responsible for business  development in Her expertise of Innovation, Creativity and Leadership is complemented by a multi-sector career in business, research and partnership development. She has overseen all responsibilities related to human resources, finance and the daily office duties. She is also in charge of managing projects and supervising the team members.

Mob.: +91 97696 57766


CCO and Co-Founder

Having finished his B.Tech in Print & Photography at the University of London. As the Director at one of the leading Print studios in Mumbai, he has worked with many well-known architects and agencies around the world. An avid photographer, thanks to his diverse experiences, he has a 360° understanding of modelling visualization and print aspects of any given project.

Mob.: +91 99301 06857


Head of  Projects, IND

Pratik is a graduated IT specialist, and his passion for the CGI industry comes partly due to that background. He has years of experience as freelancer in the field of architectural visualization. In his free-time, he likes to master his 3D artist skills. His major interest is photography, and he is a theoretical member of numerous portals of Young Photographers too.



Joe has studied Architecture and Design in Shanghai. He has headed the technical team for a renouned visualization firm working on large number of projects all over the globe. He is always  searching  for  new challenges to improve, his motto is `don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits.


Content & Comm., CN

The always smiling Ru is deeply passionate about her work as an architect and CG artist. Previously, she worked for several architectural studios. She started as a 3D Artist, then CGI supervisor and now Project Manager at Matrix CN.